Trademark Policy

The Xen Project logo is a trademark of the Linux Foundation, and as such may be used only in accordance with the Linux Foundation Trademark Policy.  Xen is a registered trademark of Citrix.

Why a Trademark Policy?

The objective of this Xen Project Trademark Policy is to avoid user confusion by preserving the value of the Xen Project marks, clearly and consistently communicating what is and what is not the Xen Project in the marketplace. It is also necessary to protect the trademark from inappropriate or unauthorized use.

Although the Xen Project has no intention of restricting your rights to use, modify or distribute code licensed under open source licenses, the Xen Project trademarks and logos must be used in accordance with this Trademark Policy. In particular, it is important to avoid any use of the Xen Project mark, alone or in combination with other letters, words or marks that could cause someone to mistakenly believe you are acting for or on behalf of the Project. This includes mailing list names, etc. In order to avoid consumer confusion or harm to the Xen Project marks, the Xen Project may take steps it believes necessary to stop inappropriate use or use that otherwise violates its guidelines and policies.

Ensuring Proper Use of the Xen Project Trademark

To ensure that people use the trademark appropriately, the Board has approved a Xen Project Style Guide with principles and examples of proper trademark usage.

Unfortunately cases may arise where the Xen Project mark is used incorrectly or out of context. If you believe a use of the Xen Project mark to be questionable or causing confusion, please contact We will evaluate the use and, if we believe it necessary, will attempt to reach the owner of the questionable content with specific corrections and a deadline to become compliant. If there is no positive reply, legal counsel may follow up.

The intent of this process is to ensure that a content owner who is acting in good faith but is genuinely unaware of the guidelines can be properly informed and have an opportunity to make corrections, prior to any legal intervention.  

Community use of Xen Project Logos, Mascots and Other images

The Xen Project mascots (such as the panda) are not covered by this policy.  More information on the policies governing community use of these images can be found on the Logos & Mascots page.

Questions and Further Information

Please send all questions to