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TripleO deployment of ‘master’ branch via instack-virt-setup on VIRTHOST (2)

UPDATE 09/29/2016 $ sudo route add -net gw ( on instack VM ) no longer needed , moreover affects ssh connect to overcloud nodes END UPDATE Upstream gets close to Newton Release , bugs scheduled for RC2 went away. Following bellow is a clean and smoothly running procedure of Overcloud deployment TripleO Master […]

TripleO deployment of ‘master’ branch via instack-virt-setup

UPDATE 09/23/2016 Fix released for (1622683, 1622720 ) in :-  **************************************************** Deploy completed OK the first time **************************************************** 2016-09-23 09:08:28Z [overcloud-AllNodesDeploySteps-yrsd7pkitjij]: CREATE_COMPLETE  Stack CREATE completed successfully 2016-09-23 09:08:28Z [AllNodesDeploySteps]: CREATE_COMPLETE  state changed 2016-09-23 09:08:28Z [overcloud]: CREATE_COMPLETE  Stack CREATE completed successfully Stack overcloud CREATE_COMPLETE Overcloud Endpoint: Overcloud Deployed [stack@instack ~]$ nova list +--------------------------------------+-------------------------+--------+------------+-------------+---------------------+ | […]

Access to TripleO QuickStart overcloud via sshuttle running on F24 WorkStation

Sshutle may be installed on Fedora 24 via straight forward `dnf -y install sshutle`. [Fedora 24 Update: sshuttle-0.78.0-2.fc24]. So, when F24 has been set up as WKS for TripleO QuickStart deployment to VIRTHOST , there is no need to install add-on FoxyProxy and tune it on firefox as well as connect from ansible wks […]

Concerns with Xen PVH / HVMLite boot on Linux x86

I've been helping a bit with streamlining proper upstream support for Xen on x86 Linux. One of the items I have decided to take on is the so called "dead code" concern in theory present on x86 Linux Xen guests largely in part due to the radical way in which old PV Xen x86 Linux guests boot. This topic is a bit complex, so I had previously written two posts about this to help shed some light into these dark corners of the technical Linux universe that only a few really care about:Avoiding dead code: pv_ops is not the silver...

TripleO QuickStart HA Setup && Keeping undercloud persistent between cold reboots

This post follows up and might work as timer saver unless status undecloud.qcow2 per requires fresh installation to be done from scratch So, we intend to survive VIRTHOST cold reboot (downtime) and keep previous version of undercloud VM been able to bring it up avoiding build via and restart procedure from logging into […]

RDO Triple0 QuickStart HA Setup on Intel Core i7-4790 Desktop (work in progress)

This post follows up In meantime undercloud-install,undercloud-post-install (openstack undercloud install, openstack overcloud image upload ) are supposed to be performed during original run  `bash –config /path-to/ha.yml $VIRTHOST` run. Neutron networks deployment on undercloud and HA Server’s configuration has been significantly rebuilt since 06/03/2016. I believe design bellow is close to proposed in However […]

I'm part of Conservancy's GPL Compliance Project for Linux

I am one of the Linux copyright holders who has signed an agreement for the Software Freedom Conservancy to enforce the GPL on my behalf, as part of the Conservancy's GPL Compliance Project For Linux Developers. I’m also a financial supporter of Conservancy. We're a group of Linux kernel developers that give input and guidance on Conservancy's strategy in dealing with compliance issues on the Linux kernel.I don't take this lightly"Don't be evil" is hardWhy things are hairy when it comes to the Linux kernel and GPL enforcementWhy we need GPL enforcementHow can we enforce the GPL responsiblyEvolving copyleftI don't take...

Hotswapping a failed RAID device

Recently I started getting SMART warnings from on of the disks in my home NAS (a QNAP TS-419P II armel/kirkwood device running Debian Jessie): Device: /dev/disk/by-id/ata-ST3000DM001-1CH166_W1F2QSV6 [SAT], Self-Test Log error count increased from to 1 Meaning it was now time to switch out that disk from the RAID5 array. Since everytime this happens I have to go and lookup again what to do I've decided to write it down this time. I configure SMART to talk about devices by-id (giving me their name and model number) so first I needed to figure out what the kernel was calling this device (although mdadm is happy with the by-id...

ZFS, Linux, illumos and the ISC license

People are discussing whether or not Canonical including and shipping ZFS as a Linux kernel module of the GPLv2 licensed Linux kernel might be a GPL violation or not. James Bottomley recently posted an interesting opinion in that although it is a technical GPL violation "it’s difficult to develop a theory of harm and thus the combination is allowable" given that you'd need to prove the harm is done to prosecute. Meanwhile just today Conservancy has released a Statement on ZFS and Linux combinations. In it are very important pieces of information on serious incompatibilities which takes this a bit further outside...

Support software freedom now!

Free Software is in a critical state today. Bradley Kuhn recently has made an urgent call for supports of free software to help a campaign to strengthen both the Free Software Foundation and Software Freedom Conservancy, specially given if you donate before January 31st 2016 as your donation will be matched! I've learned the hard way that without such organizations we could be in for a dark age on user software freedoms. No other entity is doing what they do and they are both of critical importance to the community. Because of this I'm not only contributing now but I've...