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Google Summer of Code 2017 with Bazel

This year Bazel has given me an invaluable opportunity to work with them as a Google Summer of Code 2017 participant and I am very excited to share this information. I will be working on project titled “Code completion for .bzl files” under guidance of Mr. Laurent Le Brun. The aim is to create a standalone […]

Solution of one system of equations in boolean variables via bitmasks in regards of training for Unified State Examination in Informatics (Russia)

In brief, bitmasks are supposed to be a core tool for solution of systems of equations in Boolean variables versus method suggested at for task 11 which is pretty much similar to sample been analyzed bellow ************************************* Original task looks like :- ************************************* Determine total number of corteges {x1,…,x9,y1,….,y9} which and only which satisfy […]

MirageOS March 2017 hack retreat roundup

Cambio, OCaml and Karaoke: MirageOS Hack Retreat, Marrakech 2017 This March, 34 people from around the world gathered in Marrakech for a spring Mirage hack retreat. This is fast becoming a MirageOS tradition, and we're a little sad that it's over already! We've collected some trip reports from those who attended the 2017 Hack Retreat, and we'd like to thank our amazing hosts, organisers and everyone who took the time to write up their experiences. Props go especially to Hannes Mehnert who initiated the event and took care of many of the logistics, and to Gemma Gordon for designing and printing...

Creating backups with XenServer

Backup is an essential part of the business workflow for many of our customers - be it SMB, Enterprise Server Virtualisation or Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. Making the backup experience smoother is high up on our wishlist at XenServer Engineering and the delivery of improved VM import/export performance in XS 7.1 shows our commitment to that end. To continue improving our services supporting the backup ecosystem, we would like to better understand how you use backup with XenServer   How often do you backup? Do you have multiple jobs for monthly, weekly, daily backups? How do you create your backups? Use VM Export to backup...

XenCenter 7.1 update now available!

A hotfix (XS71E001) has been released for customers using XenCenter as the management console for their XenServer 7.1 virtual environments.  This hotfix offers improvements in XenCenter UI responsiveness, as well as several fixes associated with host health check analysis, status reports and updates. Additional information pertaining to this hotfix can be found here. As always, we encourage customers read the hotfix release notes and install the hotfix to avoid any of the issues described in the notes.  

Easy distributed analytics with Irmin 1.0

I am really happy to announce the release of Irmin 1.0, which fully supports MirageOS 3.0 and which brings a simpler and yet more expressive API. Irmin is a library for designing Git-like distributed databases, with built-in branching, snapshoting, reverting and auditing capabilities. With Irmin, applications can create tailored mergeable datastructures to scale seamlessly. Applications built on top of Irmin include Tezos, a distributed ledger, Datakit, a distributed and reactive key-value store, and cuekeeper, a web-based GTD system. Read "Introducing Irmin: Git-like distributed, branchable storage" for a description of the concepts and high-level architecture of the system. To install Irmin 1.0: opam install irmin The running example in this post will be an...

Adding the Qubes target to Mirage

slightly easier unikernels on the desktop When I got a new laptop in early 2016, I decided to try out this QubesOS all the cool kids were talking about. QubesOS also runs a hypervisor, but it nicely supports running multiple virtual machines for typical user tasks, like looking at cat photos with a web browser, viewing a PDF, listening to music, or patching MirageOS. QubesOS also uses Xen, which means we should be able to even run our MirageOS unikernels on it... right? The answer is yes, after a fashion. Thomas Leonard did the hard work of writing mirage-qubes,...

Size matters: how Mirage got smaller and less magical

Size matters: how Mirage got smaller and less magical In this article, some technical background and empirical evidence is given how we reduced the lines of code in Mirage3, which has about 25% fewer lines of code than Mirage2, while providing more features. Mirage does a fair amount of code generation since its initial release to extend target-agnostic unikernels to target-specific virtual machine images (or Unix binaries). Until Mirage 2.7, string concatenation was used heavily. Since the Mirage 2.7.0 release (February 2016), it is based on functoria, "a DSL to describe a set of modules and functors, their types and how to apply them in order to produce a complete application". The...

Introducing... XenServer 7.1!

We are pleased to announce the release of XenServer 7.1! Click here to learn about the new features and enhancements available in 7.1. As is customary with every new release, we encourage you to give v7.1 a spin and report any issues via Note: We ask that you target this release exclusively for new defect reports[*]. Thank you and enjoy the latest release! [*]In case of problems with earlier releases, pre-XS v7.0 and outside of paid support, then we recommend you upgrade to the XS v7.x series.        

Announcing MirageOS 3.0.0

We're excited to announce MirageOS 3.0! MirageOS is a modern, modular library operating system that allows the creation of small, secure, legacy-free services. MirageOS applications can be compiled to run as self-contained virtual machines (a few MB in size) on Xen or KVM hosts, FreeBSD's bhyve, or even as regular Unix processes (allowing access to regular debugging tools). The system libraries themselves can be reused in traditional applications, just like any other software library. Full release notes are available on GitHub. If you're interested in getting started with MirageOS 3 right away, you might be interested in the revamped...