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  • Vassiliy started a new discussion assigning 3 physical interface...
    12 months ago

    Hi! Have XEN. for etho created sub interfaces (or aliases) eth0:0, eth0:1, eth0:2 and all of them have static IPs. Is it possible to attach 3 subinterfaces to the same virtual bridge virbr1? The idea is to map them with 3 vifs on guest machine. Thank you...

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    12 months ago
  • Vassiliy started a new discussion Guest interfaces to get IP fro...
    12 months ago

    Hi! I have a XEN (CentOS6.9 DOM0) with 4 physical interfaces and pfSense as a guest (DOM1). 4 virtual interfaces added to guest. Host is in LAN net, IP assigned by DHCP. I need that 3 of 4 virtual interfaces on Guest (pfSense) get IPs from LAN DHCP. so, they should get IP in network. How can I do that? Thank...

  • Vassiliy started a new discussion adding backend vifs to DOM0 br...
    12 months ago

    Hi! I have XEN4.6-CentOS6.9 DOM0 and pfSense as DOM1 installed DOM0 as described here : Now I need to create 4 backend interfaces in virbr0 DOM0 to connect to from pfSense (DOM1). DOM1 name - pf1 XEN docs says use vif=[mac= , ip=] in pf1.cfg usually located in /etc/xen/. ...


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