The Main Source for Documentation

The Xen Project Wiki is the primary source for documentation of the Xen Project software. Note that there is also related documentation in many Linux/Unix distributions and there are a host of tutorials published on 3rd party websites and blogs. The community strives to link to external information when we come across it to make it easier for YOU to find information about the Xen Project software.

Information in our wiki is organized through differtent indexes (also called categories). The following guide will help you navigate the wiki

Get Involved!

The Xen Project Wiki is a support and documentation resource for our subprojects. The wiki is editable by everyone and we need your contributions to make it better.

The Xen Project Wiki can be found here.

Get Started with the Wiki!

As stated above, the Xen Project Wiki is open to everyone. However we have been subject to severe spam attacks recently. Please follow the following instructions to create a wiki account with write access:

Note that documentation for XenServer (as well as its deprecated sibling XCP) is not stored on the Xen Project Wiki. As XenServer is a separate distribution of the Xen Project software which is supported by its own community, the XenServer documentation is stored on the XenServer Wiki.