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I'm new to Xen, i've search through wiki and different site/help but didn't find the solution to my little problem.

Well, I'd like to create a debian VM with the cmd tool xen-create-image but i'd like to create it with lvm on the guest AND on the dom0 BUT with partitioning only on the domU side.

As for creating VG/LV on the dom0, it's ok.
As for using the LV as a block device to create the domU, it's ok (--image-dev option)

Now i'm stuck, how can I create FS on the domU ? There is a nice directory to describe the partitions (/etc/xen-tools/partitions.d/) but the xen-tools create them on the dom0.

I know that what I'm trying to achieve is possible since I've done it manually using the debian installer, but i'd like to automate it.


Scheme of what i'd like :
FS (/, /tmp, /var ....)
lv_* (* G)
rootvg (50 G)
Dom U xvda
lv_vm (50G)
Dom0 vmVG ( 50G)
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    Wednesday, August 27 2014, 11:40 AM - #permalink

    It seems this question is specific to xen-tools, which is not part of Xen Project itself.

    The xen-tools developer does have mailing lists here:


    You might want to ask there.

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