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Xen on ARM SOC's supported

posted in ARM Hypervisor
Friday, April 11 2014, 09:16 AM

From the other discussion thread I understood that Xen can be used on ARM Cortex A15 series , and I need the following information for one of the design-
1. Currently which all SOC's supports XEN.Please provide me the Vendor list.
2. Please provide me the source code Links for the same.
3. How many Guest OS can we run (one/two or multiple)? Can we run two Android's,Linux simulataneously/parallelly on Single Host?
4. Need a clear information on if Xen provides any Commercial Support on any of the SOC's ?

Thank you

Accepted Answer

Wednesday, November 16 2016, 01:30 PM - #permalink
I think you may want to discuss this on xen-devel@. Note that Qualcomm has started to post patches for various Qualcomm SoCs (albeit server focussed) on xen-devel@. I see you are already doing this, which is why I will accept this reply as an answer.
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