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XCP guest migration to another host

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Saturday, February 22 2014, 07:10 PM
Hi All,

I have a question regarding XCP guest migration, I want to migrate guest systems between two different physical machines in different locations. I have found this article which relates to migration of Xen server:


My questions regarding points mentioned in requirements:
- Is Intel Xeon E5-1620v2 compatible with Xeon(R) CPU X3440 @ 2.53GHz ?

- Is it possible somehow to migrate if machines are not in the same subnet ? (maybe vpn, but I have only machine which is gateway/host in the same time, is it possible to set vpn between two XCP hosts directly ?)

Another aproach is whether I just copy VM's files to another XCP host will it work ?

Thanks, Artur
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    Friday, February 28 2014, 09:24 PM - #permalink

    Questions about XCP will likely find a better audience over at XenServer.org. XenServer and XCP are virtually identical, so the folks over there probably have a better working knowledge of this scenario,

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