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vm100_swap does not exist

posted in Hypervisor
Thursday, September 12 2013, 12:52 AM

I installed XEN today and created a VM based on a configuration file and when doing so I receive the following error.

Error: Device 2050 (vbd) could not be connected. /dev/VolGroup00/vm100_swap does not exist.

The actual image file exists in /dev/VolGroup00/ | however the swap image is not created. Any ideas? I can manually create the swap file and the container will boot as intended, however, why is it not creating the swap file by default?

disk = ['phy:/dev/VolGroup00/vm100_img,sda1,w', 'phy:/dev/VolGroup00/vm100_swap,sda2,w']
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    Thursday, September 26 2013, 03:50 PM - #permalink
    Hi, which version of Xen and which distro are you using?
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