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Virtual box on XenServer VM

posted in Hypervisor
Saturday, May 25 2013, 07:59 PM

I have a XenServer host test environment running version 5.6 FP1, inside it i have created a Windows Server 2003 64bit ENT Edition VM with 16VCPU/16GB RAM. On this VM i have installed latest version of Virtualbox, inside virtualbox i can add only 1cpu for each VM i create. But i would like to add more than 1VCPU to the VM i create, can i add more than one?

Also i would like to create a VM inside Virtualbox, in which i can install XenServer 6.x version. Can this be done?

I did try adding the following platform:nestedhvm=true and viridian=false (Apart from these two do i have to make any other changes?), but couldn't install 64bit Windows OS on Virtualbox nor able to increase the no of CPU(Please find the attached screenshot).

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    Wednesday, May 29 2013, 06:14 PM - #permalink
    Since your question is about XenServer specifically (the commercial Citrix product), I'd like to suggest that you consider using one of the following forum and support sites:


    These sites have a focus on the XenServer product itself (not the open source Xen hypervisor in general). They are likely to give you a much more specific answer than you are likely to get here.

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