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Hello everyone!

I need to run Xen on a machine that does not support VT-x, I will only run PV guests but on rare occasions I may need a GUI and I would like to access it from the dom0 instead of installing a VNC/whateverelse server on the domU, specifically I would add "vnc=1" in the domU's cfg file and use QEMU's VNC, is that possible if I do not have any virtualisation support from the CPU? Last time I checked enabling VNC didn't add anything to the domU's hardware, but I'm not too sure that is relevant.

And if using VNC was not possible could I use SDL instead (I don't expect a positive answer but I'd like to be sure)? And if all the above was not possible could there be another alternative (e.g. Qubes OS uses vchan, but I don't know how as I never used it)?

Many thanks to anyone who will read this.
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    Wednesday, July 09 2014, 02:05 PM - #permalink

    I cannot say for certain, but I don't know that the virtualization hardware would have any bearing on VNC.

    My suggestion is to try it and let us know what happens.

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