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Hey I was looking at the libelf-loader code and it appears that the ELF Note BSD_SYMTAB (Type 11) should be set to 'Yes' in the ELF kernel image's PT_NOTE area... (So that the symbol table is allocated into memory as well)

readelf -n shows no notes in my pvgrub FreeBSD kernel.
readelf -n shows Xen notes in my vmlinux though (Although not BSD_SYMTAB obviously since symbol table isn't loaded in Linux kernel).

Can anyone tell me if this NOTE is still being used? Or when I might find it in the notes of my a kernel?
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    Wednesday, August 06 2014, 06:35 PM - #permalink

    Coding questions are best handled by sending email to the xen-devel mailing list. We don't get a lot of developers who track the Q&A system, and it looks like you'll need one of the BSD developers to answer your question.

    You can find out more about using xen-devel and the other lists here:


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