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total newbie: mac os x server, load balancing/fallover

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Friday, August 02 2013, 07:39 PM
i have never deployed a vm setup other than in parallels or fusion on mac.
given that Apple no longer make an expandable box, i need to look at running mac os x server under virtualisation.

1 if i am a *nix simple user, is xen the wrong path? maybe vmware is better because of support? any recommendations as to which linux to use?
2 can mac os x server be virtualised in xen?
3 does xen support a mechanism whereby it can control 2 boxes and fall over to the second if the first goes down? or is that unnecessary - just have 2 mac os x server vm's running side by side - but can xen fall over to the second in case of failure of the 1st?

Many thanks - be gentle with me please!!

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    Monday, August 05 2013, 10:25 AM - #permalink
    Hi Nick,

    I may be a little but out of date on this. Also, please clarify your use-case: I am assuming you essentially want to run Mac OS Server VM's on Apple Hardware? If so, you first need to look at Apple licensing: as far as I remember the Mac OS X Server software permits it to run as a guest OS as long as it's running on Apple hardware (i.e. you can't install a hypervisor on, say, a Dell or HP box and install Mac OS X Server on it).

    Assuming the use-case is correct, you should probably look at XCP (or open source XenServer on xenserver.org, which replaces XCP) rather than use vanilla Xen. There could however potentially be some problems with EFI and Graphics. You should find a few threads related to this topic if you google for "xcp osx server" or "xenserver osx server".
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