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Need some best practice guidelines for Centos6 on Xen4.2

posted in Hypervisor
Wednesday, August 28 2013, 08:46 PM
Gee Dublya
Gee Dublya

I'm getting back in to Xen after a little while out of the game. It seems things have moved on quite a bit while I was away!

I remember using "xm list" and "xm migrate --live" etc to manage my VMs but I recently took a look at what I believe to be the latest stable release (Xen 4.2) and found that xm is deprecated and I should be using xl instead. When I try and do things with xl it seems to conflict with xend. Sorry I can't be more specific -my test setup is a bit of a mess now.
It seems that whenever I google for a Howto or Faq it invariably shows me the xm way of doing things, and the documentation on Xen 4.2 seems to be not as comprehensive as Xen 3 was.
Can anyone point me to a definitive guide for Best Practice with Xen 4.2 running Centos 6, e.g. examples of tried and tested config files which work out of the box so I can create my VMs straight away.

As a minimum what I need to do is get to the point where I can easily do the following:

create a VM using a config file which defines its name,ram,cpus,etc, and points to an LVM partition i've just created, and builds Centos from an ISO I have on the Dom0.

I have managed to get this working partially using virt-install but that seems to use XML config and not the XL-style configs.

When I build a config file using the examples at http://xenbits.xen.org/docs/unstable/man/xl.cfg.5.html and
I get nowhere when I try "xl create ". It says it is building the VM then I just get a couple of DEBUG messages and the VM disappears.

I just need to understand the best toolset and config combination to use because from what I have done so far this is not looking like a stable enough environment for production.

Hope someone can help.

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