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Hi I'm running Xenserver 6.1 and I have a VM I intend to use as a kernel development machine (I know , an actual machine would have been ideal but can't afford a crash test machine right now) . What I'm interested in finding out is how to upgrade the vm kernel and boot into the kernel . I have read the wiki entry on pv-grub which is approaching a solution to the problem but it is specific to the hypervisor only environment , Is there anyone who could show me how to do the same thing on the xenserver/xcp platform ?
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    Thursday, August 01 2013, 07:21 PM - #permalink
    Hi, if you don't get an answer here in a couple of days, try the forum on xenserver.org and point to this thread ... I don't know the answer, but will ask around if when I am in the office again.
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