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Install Xen over Ubuntu

posted in Hypervisor
Friday, May 09 2014, 07:34 AM
Hi everybody!!
I tried to install Xen over the debian 7.5.0 amd 64 netinst.
I am still on the phase of installing the non free firmware.
I am unable to log to internet. I posted several questions to debian forums but it was in vain.
I would to ask you if it is possible to install Xen on ubuntu 12.04.4 server ?

Thank you
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    Friday, May 09 2014, 04:57 PM - #permalink
    Hey chess,

    This sounds like a straight Ubuntu server installation problem, as the presence of the xen kits should have no effect at this stage (if I recall the stages of an Ubuntu server install correctly).

    You aren't using WiFi for the network are you? That could cause issues during a network install if they haven't tested it with the proper wireless driver.

    I see some cases like this:


    Where the installer says it needs non-free firmware for the network driver and then cannot use the network card. If you happen to have something similar, that's a straight Ubuntu installation problem. You'd either have to load the firmware from somewhere, or get a network card which doesn't need proprietary firmware.

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    Friday, May 09 2014, 05:42 PM - #permalink
    Hi Russell
    I tried a 3G Internet connection key and the problem was resolved thanks god.
    Now I am at the phase of configuring the bridge.
    I have not understood what is meant by iface eth0 inet manual
    Does this mean that I should configure the eth0 as follows :
    iface inet statice

    Or I have to retype simply the line as it is i.e. iface eth0 inet manual?
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    Monday, May 12 2014, 06:38 PM - #permalink
    Hi chess,

    I am not sure which document you are using, but "manual" can be part of the syntax.

    See, for example, this Wiki page:


    under the section, "Example Debian-style bridge configuration". the syntax for the eth0 configuration uses the literal option "manual."

    Note as well this page:


    in the section "Bringing up an interface without an IP address," there is another example of using the "manual" option.

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