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DomUs dual side by side desktops

posted in Hypervisor
Thursday, October 03 2013, 11:08 AM
I am new to xen and would like to configure my machine (32GB Ram, 6 cores (hyperthreaded e.g. 12)) in the following way:

minimal dom0.
domU for xubuntu primary email and internet VM
domU for windows 7 dev VM
domU for windows 8 to play with

Have presently got dom0 as debian. And an ubuntu server domU, I install xubuntu-desktop on this. But can't figure out how to access the UI desktop.

Want to be able to switch between xubuntu desktop and windows 7 desktop )once installed). E,g, not dual boot, side by side, and not one embedded in the other (aka virtualbox).

how do I get to the desktops? Then how would I switch between them?
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    Wednesday, October 09 2013, 09:10 AM - #permalink
    you'd want VGA passthrough for each VM.

    in effect you'll need one GPU per video output you want, then you need to make sure you can passthrough 3 separate USB controllers individually (one per VM) and have a keyboard and mouse (possibly connected via a hub) which you switch manually when you change monitor inputs.

    it's a very easy setup to achieve with a HDMI switch.

    i've written about windows 8 VGA passthrough with my ATI card on my blog. I had no luck with windows 7, only 8 and linux domUs worked.
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    Thursday, October 17 2013, 05:25 PM - #permalink
    Adding the link to the post: http://blog.ktz.me/?p=219 ... thanks for sharing
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