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Difference in xm and xl list

posted in New Users
Friday, November 15 2013, 07:56 PM
I'm new to xen toolstacks - trying `xe`, `xl`.

Now i've created a guest os:

sudo virt-install -r 512 -n centos -f /dev/sdb --nographics --location http://mirror.centos.org/centos/6/os/x86_64

And want to see it in a list of DomU guests. Using `xm`:

[egor@xen ~]$ sudo xm list
Name ID Mem VCPUs State Time(s)
Domain-0 0 1024 1 r----- 160.8
centos 512 1 0.0

But using `xl`:

[egor@xen ~]$ sudo xl list
Name ID Mem VCPUs State Time(s)
Domain-0 0 1024 1 r----- 164.8

Could you help me - why there is no `centos` in `xl` list?
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    Tuesday, November 19 2013, 07:37 PM - #permalink
    You only use one toolkit at a time. You need to use xm or xl, but you can't move back and forth without modifying the config and rebooting AFAIK. So one toolkit will work, while the other won't. It appears that you are currently configured to use "xm", hence the results you see.

    A discussion of this can be found here:

    and a comparison of the two toolstacks themselves can be found here:

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