Xen Project Q&A Forum: First Line Help for Simple Questions

This is your chance to ask questions and provide answers about basic use of the Xen Project software. For debugging problems and for more complex issues, consider using the xen-users mailing list instead. You can find information about xen-users under "HELP | Mailing Lists" in the navigation bar above.

You have an opportunity to take part in the best day of Xen Project education for 2014 at the upcoming Xen Project User Summit in New York City on September 15.

The cost is a mere $79 US. In return, you'll attend some great talks including:

  • Advanced Security Features
  • Features of the Upcoming 4.5 Release
  • The Xen4CentOS Project
  • High Availability with the COLO Project
  • Xen Orchestra: A web-based interface for Xen Project and XenServer
  • The Upcoming XenServer Release
  • Case Study of Deploying Xen Project-Based Security Appliances
  • How Unikernels (also called Cloud Operating Systems) like OSv can do more for you than many of the Container-based technologies touted in the trade press

and much more!

The full schedule will be published shortly. If you use the Xen Project Hypervisor in your organization, you will want to have someone attend this Summit.

Register online here:


We hope to see you in New York City!
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