Dom0 and Xen RPMs - RedHat

These are RPM source and binary packgages for Centos 5.1 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5. They are based on the Centos 5.1 packages of Xen 3.1, which are in turn very close to the RHEL5 source. We have included a full 3.2 toolstack, rather than backporting the 3.0 toolstack to more modern hypervisors.

These packages have been lightly tested and appear to work. However, they are intended only as a base for distributions to work with and secondarly as a preview of an interim version for users.

After installation of the binary packages, some adjustment to the bootloader (grub) configuration will probably be necessary.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 and Centos 5.1
Please review the instructions on the right for installation guidance.


Created Date Monday, 18 March 2013

xen-3.2.0-0.src.rpm (source)

Created Date Monday, 18 March 2013

xen-libs-3.2.0.i386.rpm (support libraries)