Dom0 and Xen RPMs - RedHat 5.0

The Xen 3.1 RPMs are pre-built RPM packages for a number of different Linux distributions. For each distribution there are three binary RPMs as well as a complete source RPM (SRPM). These RPMs can be used as input to the rpm tool to install Xen itself and all the necessary tools (xen-3.1.0*), as well as a Xen-enabled Kernel based on 2.6.18 (kernel-xen-2.6.18-3.1.0*). If you plan to develop with Xen, download and install the relevant xen-devel-* RPM to get the header files and development libraries.

Note that when rpm installing the xen-enabled kernel (kernel-xen-2.6.18-3.1.0*), modules are installed and an initrd is built. However no new boot entry is automatically added to grub.conf; instead you need to do this manually.

Please report problems on xen-devel mailing list and/or thebugzilla. Please avoid duplicate reports. Community products are not supported, and we will address bugs on a best effort basis only.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.0
Please review the instructions on the right for installation guidance.