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The Xen Project allows vendors to advertise services and software that use Xen Project software and/or build on top of Xen Project software to advertise their services and/or software in the Xen Project Directory. For more information read the vendor notes.

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Syndicat IT & Internet

Since 2005 our Company offers Consulting and Development of Solutions based on Xen and performance-optimized XEN PV Hosting (Linux, NetBSD) at our Top-Tier Locations in Germany and Luxembourg.


ANEXIO is an accredited Large Scale Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS) provider. ANEXIO delivers a broad range of advanced IT services to business organizations, focusing on reducing overall costs while enabling businesses growth. The company specializ ...


Cirrus Tech is one of Canada's largest cloud hosting and dedicated server providers and leading provider of comprehensive shared hosting services. We provide Xen-based virtualization.