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The Xen Project allows vendors to advertise services and software that use Xen Project software and/or build on top of Xen Project software to advertise their services and/or software in the Xen Project Directory. For more information read the vendor notes.

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ANEXIO is an accredited Large Scale Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS) provider. ANEXIO delivers a broad range of advanced IT services to business organizations, focusing on reducing overall costs while enabling businesses growth. The company specializ ...

Syndicat IT & Internet

Since 2005 our Company offers Consulting and Development of Solutions based on Xen and performance-optimized XEN PV Hosting (Linux, NetBSD) at our Top-Tier Locations in Germany and Luxembourg.


Cirrus Tech is one of Canada's largest cloud hosting and dedicated server providers and leading provider of comprehensive shared hosting services. We provide Xen-based virtualization.