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Optimal Multivariate Control for Differentiated Services on a Shared Hosting Platform

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Xue Liu, Xiaoyun Zhu, Padala Pradeep, Zhikui Wang, Sharad Singhal
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Proceedings of the 46th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (CDC'07), Dec 2007. Abstract: Today’s shared hosting platforms often employ virtualization to allow multiple enterprise applications with time-varying resource demands to share a common infrastructure in order to improve resource utilization. Meeting application-level quality of service (QoS) goals becomes a challenge in such an environment as enterprise applications often have a multi-tier architecture and complex interactions and dependencies among individual tiers. In addition, when the shared infrastructure becomes overloaded, appropriate resource control needs to be performed at these individual tiers in a coordinated fashion in order to provide differentiated services to co-hosted applications. In this paper, we present an adaptive multivariate controller that dynamically adjusts the resource shares to individual tiers of multiple applications in order to meet a specified level of service differentiation. The controller parameters are automatically tuned at runtime based on a quadratic cost function and a system model that is learned online using a recursive least-squares (RLS) method. To evaluate our controller design, we built a testbed hosting two instances of the RUBiS application, a multi-tier online auction web site, using Xen virtual machines. Our results indicate that our controller is able to meet given QoS differentiation targets between co-hosted applications while the total demand from these applications exceeds the capacities of the shared systems.
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