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BudgetVM has been offering reliable VPS, dedicated servers, and remote backups at affordable prices since 2007.


It is our mission to bring enterprise grade equipment to the budget price point. We are the least expensive enterprise-grade host in the world.

BudgetVM, a brand of Enzu, Inc (founded 2004) offers inexpensive VPS, dedicated servers, and remote backups. Operating in five cities worldwide (Amsterdam, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Miami) we specialize in low prices. Our Smart Server Platform provides you with easy access to your OpenVZ and XEN based VPS and our dedicated servers. Instantly reboot, console in or even reinstall with a few simple clicks.

All of our services operate on enterprise grade server and network hardware. We utilize enterprise networking equipment from Brocade and Cisco to ensure a fast network 24x7x365. Our servers are all Supermicro based servers featuring RAID edition drives, LSI RAID cards, Intel processors, and Supermicro motherboards/chassis.

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