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adding backend vifs to DOM0 bridge

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Friday, September 29 2017, 10:19 PM
I have XEN4.6-CentOS6.9 DOM0 and pfSense as DOM1
installed DOM0 as described here : http://maheshwaranm.blogspot.ca/2013/08/centos-6-xen-installtion.html
Now I need to create 4 backend interfaces in virbr0 DOM0 to connect to from pfSense (DOM1).
DOM1 name - pf1
XEN docs says use vif=[mac= , ip=] in pf1.cfg usually located in /etc/xen/. But I don't have such file!!!
Instead I have /etc/libvirt/libxl/pf1.xml. I guess this config was created by libvirtd during installation.
Question: can you give me CLI command examples of virsh (or xl) to create vifs?
Or could you give me a link to a web-page - example of lines to be added to xml to create such vifs?
Thank you
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