XPUS13 VIDEO: Bringing Xen dom0 to CentOS-6

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In 2010, with the launch of CentOS-6, we lost the ability to run CentOS-6 as Xen Dom0's, since upstream policy was divered to promote alternative hypervisors; However, the communti was keen to fix this given the depth and width of Xen deployments on CentOS-5 and the investment the userbase had already made in tooling around Xen on CentOS-5. In June 2013, we released for production use Xen4CentOS, allowing users to upgrade from CentOS-5 to a community and Xen upstream supported model that will ensure their investment is protected, and still gives them a few years into the CentOS-5 supported cycle to make the upgrade. My talk focuses on the challenges, the politics and the process's we had to adopt in order to make this happen. Along with what the future holds for Xen on CentOS.