XPUS13 VIDEO: Free yourself from the tyranny of your cloud provider!

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This presentation will cover how to use kexec in PV domU, with no changes to dom0 or Xen, in order to be able to boot your own kernel, no matter what the hosting provider is forcing you to run. This is good to be able to take advantage of new kernel features that have not hit the enterprise distributions yet (cgroups, O_TMPFILE, etc.and to fix known kernel problems as soon as you are aware of them, no need to wait for your overworked hosting provider to update the kernel for you. This talk will go into how the kernel was modified in order to get this to work properly, and how the kexec tools were changed to make it happen. In the case that this all turns out to not work at all, I will discuss why this is a failed plan that no one should ever waste their time on again.