XPUS13 VIDEO: Navis Lighthouse Security Audit Appliance

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Coalfire Systems is a security auditing company focusing on helping businesses become PCI compliance. The Navis Lighthouse appliance is a Xen Cloud Platform based mini-cloud with separate VMs for various auditing jobs. The process of building an unattended security appliance from Xen Cloud Platform/Xenserver involved building a more robust foundation that can survive repeated random hard shutdowns, individually keyed encrypted disks to store sensitive data and automatic VPN tunnels back to corporate headquarters for auditor access. VM's are auto provisioned remotely depending on services purchased by the customer. Even the customized host system itself is created without interactivity from humans. This talk will focus on the building of the architecture of the Lighthouse product and how Xen Cloud Platform/Xenserver and and the XenAPI play a role. In fact the product exists because of the flexibility of the XenAPI.