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Call For Participation is Open for the Xen Project User Summit in New York City

Our Next User Summit to be Held on September 15 in Downtown Manhattan Last year marked the arrival of the very first Xen Project User Summit.  This year, we are aiming to draw over 100 people to the Lighthouse Executive Conference Center in the heart of New York City to discuss the use of the [...]

RDO Havana Neutron Namespaces Troubleshooting for OVS&VLAN(GRE) Config

The  OpenStack Networking components are deployed on the Controller, Compute, and Network nodes in the following configuration: In case of Two Node Development Cluster :- Controller node: hosts the Neutron server service, which provides the networking API and communicates with and tracks the agents. DHCP agent: spawns and controls dnsmasq processes to provide leases to […]

qcontrol 0.5.3

Update: Closely followed by 0.5.4 to fix an embarassing brown paper bag bug: Correct argument handling for system-status command Get it from gitorious or I've just released qcontrol 0.5.3. Changes since the last release: Reduce spaminess of temperature control (Debian bug #727150). Support for enabling/disabling RTC on ts219 and ts41x. Patch from Michael Stapelberg (Debian bug #732768). Support for Synology Diskstation and Rackstation NASes. Patch from Ben Peddell. Return correct result from direct command invocation (Debian bug #617439). Fix ts41x LCD detection. Improved command line argument parsing. Lots of internal refactoring and cleanups. Get it from gitorious or The Debian package will be uploaded shortly.

IVI system sandboxing: The next frontier for in-vehicle upgrades

Alex Agizim, VP and CTO of Embedded Systems at GlobalLogic, had the opportunity to speak at Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit 2014, in Napa, about their use of the Xen Project Hypervisor for building OSS-based IVI (In-Vehicle Infotainment) systems. Here’s how he described his experience to “The evolution of in-vehicle systems is a very exciting topic, [...]

HowTo access metadata from RDO Havana Instance on Fedora 20

Per  Direct_access _to_Nova_metadata In an environment running Neutron, a request from your instance must traverse a number of steps: 1. From the instance to a router, 2. Through a NAT rule in the router namespace, 3. To an instance of the neutron-ns-metadata-proxy, 4. To the actual Nova metadata service    Reproducing  Dirrect_access_to_Nova_metadata   I was able to […]

Virtualization on ARM with Xen

This is a repost of a tutorial published initially on – Thank you to Andrew Wafaa for allowing us to repost. With ARM entering the server space, a key technology in play in this segment is Virtualization. Virtualization is not a tool solely for servers and the data center, it is also used in [...]

Xen Orchestra 3.3.1

We’re back with a minor release, mainly for fixing bugs + update console view,  which is nicer : You can read the change log here. Please update your current XOA 3.3 with this command: service xo update && service xo update Why twice ? Because the update script need to be updated itself (we also […]

Rackspace hosts Xen Project Hackathon, May 29-30 in London

I am pleased to announce the next Xen Project Hackathon. The Hackathon will be hosted by Rackspace in their London offices, May 29 and 30. I wanted to thank Paul Voccio and Gus Maskowitz from Rackspace for hosting the Hackathon. I also wanted to thank Rackspace for hosting the Xen Project wiki, mailing lists, blog [...]

Xen Project Team Hits the Road

You’ll find many of our members and contributors taking on more than coding this spring. We’re excited to attend several upcoming industry events and share Xen Project milestones, news, use cases and roadmap updates in-person with many in our community. We encourage you to attend any of these upcoming Xen Project talks. And, if you [...]

Using xaptools.lib for speed

I haven't written any tools for Xenapi Admin Tools in quite a while. Long enough that I forgot how getcmddata worked. Since ClassStack uses xaptools.lib to manage an XAPI stack I got a refresher do to me wanting a menu that outputed a Student's dom-id and the host their VM was running on in a menu. I wrote this out the quick way not using any functionality of xaptools.lib because that's what you do when you forget about the past. for i in $(seq $(( ${#STUSIDS[@]} - 1 )) ) ;do STUCONSOLE[$i]=$(xe...