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Lars Kurth

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    I have been the Community Manager of the Xen Project since 2011 and am responsible for all matters related to community in the Xen Project. Although I work for Citrix, I am accountable to the Advisory
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Tuesday, 26 March 2013 13:34
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  • Lars Kurth likes the discussion vmware to xen migration, help ...
    2 months ago
  • Lars Kurth carlos
    2 months ago

    Hi Carlos.
    would you mind sending me a mail on as I am about to travel and this makes things easier. Just copy the content you sent me as private message into it

  • Lars Kurth added a reply in discussion UNABLE TO BOOT INTO XEN...
    2 months ago

    Superficially this looks like an issue where xm/xend is running, while you are trying to use xl. You may want to check and ensure that the xend startup script is disabled....