xcp-xapi or xen-linux-system-amd64 ?

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Sunday, October 20 2013, 05:21 AM
hi all,

i am running up to date debian sid on toshiba c850d-m5010.
i want to learn more about debian.
earlier i had an issue about high cpu usage & when i asked in irc channel, they suggest to install on live system but not in vms.

i am under the impression that if i install xen & debian on top of debian sid, the debian installed on xen behaves & acts like my host os [ debian ]. i mean if i have any issue it will show the same symptoms & results in both host & guest operating system. is my asumption is correct ?

if my above assumption is correct, do i need to install just xen-linux-system-amd64 & proceed to install debian as a guest ? or do i need to install xcp-xapi ?

due to dependcy issue right now i am unable to install xcp-xapi on my debian sid.

thank you for reading my post patiently,
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