Hey guys,

I'm currently throwing together the manpage for xe pool-list, and it is just about ready for review.

I know there are a ton of key/value pairs in the map parameter other-config for pools. The xenserver admin guide is pretty vague on them. I've discovered a few, but I'm looking for more. Any feedback?

Right now I've got other-config:auto_poweron=true, and other-config:cpuid_feature_mask.
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    Wednesday, May 08 2013, 01:37 PM - #permalink
    I took a look at the source code in xen-api/ocaml/xapi/xapi_globs.ml, and found this:

    ./xapi_globs.ml:350* Set on the Pool.other_config to signal that the pool is currently in a mixed-mode
    ./xapi_globs.ml-351-   rolling upgrade state. *)
    ./xapi_globs.ml-352-let rolling_upgrade_in_progress = "rolling_upgrade_in_progress"
    ./xapi_globs.ml:354* Set on Pool.other_config to override the base HA timeout in a persistent fashion *)
    ./xapi_globs.ml-355-let default_ha_timeout = "default_ha_timeout"
    ./xapi_globs.ml:463* Host.other_config key to indicate the absence of local storage *)
    ./xapi_globs.ml-464-let host_no_local_storage = "no_local_storage"
    ./xapi_globs.ml:466* Pool.other_config key to enable creation of min/max rras in new VM rrds *)
    ./xapi_globs.ml-467-let create_min_max_in_new_VM_RRDs = "create_min_max_in_new_VM_RRDs"
    ./xapi_globs.ml:469* Pool.other_config key to enable pass-through of PIF carrier *)
    ./xapi_globs.ml-470-let pass_through_pif_carrier = "pass_through_pif_carrier"
    ./xapi_globs.ml:525** Pool.other_config key which, when set to the value "true", enables generation of METADATA_LUN_{HEALTHY_BROKEN} alerts *)
    ./xapi_globs.ml-526-let redo_log_alert_key = "metadata_lun_alerts"
    ./xapi_globs.ml:585** Pool.other_config key to hold the user-defined feature mask, used to
    ./xapi_globs.ml-586- *  override the feature equality checks at a Pool.join. *)
    ./xapi_globs.ml-587-let cpuid_feature_mask_key = "cpuid_feature_mask"

    So a minimal list might be:

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    Tuesday, May 28 2013, 11:32 PM - #permalink
    Thank you
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