Question about Remus and DRBD patches

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Thursday, July 11 2013, 11:32 AM
I´m planning to start testing Remus protected VMs with a DRBD based disk backend. When I look at the Remus documentation they use DRBD 8.3.9 with extra patches. This doc is pretty old, from 2011, so my question is, is patches to DRBS still needed or are they integrated in the more current DRBD releases ?
I am running Opensuse 12.3 with a 3.10 kernel from Tumbleweed (to get bcache and newer LIO), and it seems 3.10 ships DRBD 8.4.x. I can´t see any Remus patches for 8.4 x, so I assume it is either integrated or I´m out of luck...

Edit: Should also mention that I plan to use Xen 4.3 now that it is released, if that matters.
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