How to install linux PV DomU on Debian ZFS Dom0 (Xen 4.3)

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Thursday, September 12 2013, 05:04 PM
I have installed Xen4.3 from Debian wheezy with some unstable packages from sid and also set up ZFSonLinux.
Both appear to be working well but I can't work out the best way to use the storage in a Debian PV Dom0.
I tried creating the Dom0 with:
xen-create-image --hostname=web1-pv --memory=8gb --vcpus=2 --dhcp --pygrub --dist=wheezy --dir=/zpool1/vm2/

However, the virtual machine fails to find the images when it starts. Also, is it necessary to have EXT3 images stored on the ZFS pool or can the Dom0 somehow access the ZFS datasets directly?

For those that are curious, the performace of ZFS on linux looks really good, 201MB/s read, 123MB/s write on a 2 disk mirror with 3TB 7200rpm 3.5" SAS drives.

As a side question, is PVH available in the 4.3 build of the Xen kernel in Debian sid?
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