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Thursday, March 20 2014, 09:20 PM
Black screen after menu selection (boot)

I'm hoping someone can help because I'm pulling the few hairs I have left out. I've read multiple threads about this but nothing seems to be working for me.

I'm running Debian Wheezy for my rig with the Xen hypervisor.

ASUS Z8NR-D12 with X2 L5520 LGA1366 (16 logical cores total)
Radeon HD 3450 PCI-E for video
2x 4TB RAID1
2x 2TB RAID1
1x 50GB SSD (root file system)

I've created a beautiful image of a CentOS machine that I want to migrate to a virtual guest but cannot get past a black screen after the initial bootloader. I'ved used all three versions (latest as of 3/17/2014) of the CD and have tried DRBL as well. I've used every mode on every CD....rather I receive an instant black screen or the vm instantly kills. When the black screen appears, my vm cpu pegs at 100% (not the host CPUs though)
I even tried to PXE boot the vm with another physical machine running DRBL with zero success. I don't have any errors to report so any tricks to produce a verbose output or anything would be useful. I really don't want to start this machine from scratch....its fragile.
I've tried changing the video mode (cirrus, vga, vga-stf, etc..) Given the VM 4GB of memory......I'm out of ideas.

I thought this might have to do with Clonezilla not recognizing a drive listed as /xvda but even removing the storage from the VM it has the same result. I'm a newbie and create my VMs with VMM but I can edit anything through virsh.. My Dom0 is stock...nothing has been modified.

Help me Obi Wan Kenobe....
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    Wednesday, March 26 2014, 02:40 PM - #permalink

    Sorry for the delay in responding; I'm traveling.

    You will probably need someone to help you debug this step by setp, so I'd suggest using the xen-users mailing list for this issue. There is a much wider audience over there for issues which need some iterative debugging.

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