Access DomU usb device in guest vm

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Friday, February 28 2014, 09:16 PM

I am trying to access an USB device from the DomU on a VM.
Unfortunately using USBIP causes my VM to crash.

Couple of questions:
Is it possible to access a specific USB device on a PV guest? Do I need to use PCI passthrough?
Is there anyone who succeeded in setting up a working USBIP tunnel from a PV guest?

I have the following setup:
XEN 4-1
Xapi Version: 1.3.2-5ubuntu0.1
Ubuntu 12.04 DomU and guests

thanks, PP

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    Friday, February 28 2014, 09:45 PM - #permalink

    Have you had a chance to review the steps on the following Wiki page?

    Let us know if that helps.


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