XCP 0.5

XCP 0.5

Welcome to the XCP 0.5 download page!

XCP 0.5 is an update to XCP 0.1.1, which contains the following improvements

  • Upgrade to Xen 3.4.2
  • Extensibly tested (including 100,000s of CPU-hours)
  • Compatabilty with DMTF CIM and OVF standards (Citrix Project Kensho).
  • Heterogeneous machine resource pool support
  • Templates for many different guest types (including latest Ubuntu, Debian)
  • Improved SR-IOV Support

Additionaly, the release contains the following features:

  • Linux 2.6.27 Kernel
  • Windows PV Drivers, Microsoft Certified
  • Fully Featured, enterprise-class Xen API Management Tool Stack
    • Disaster recovery support
    • VM Lifecycle: Live snapshots, checkpoint, migration
    • Multi-host resource Pools: Safe live relocation, auto configuration, DR
    • Host Configuration: Flexible storage management, networking, power management
    • Event Tracking: Progress, notification
    • Secure Communication using SSL
    • Upgrade and Patching Capabilities
    • Real-time Performance Monitoring and Alerting
  • Support for Open vSwitch
  • Support for VNC Console Proxy and Web Front-End
  • Support for Standalone Front-End


Base ISO

Host Installation Program


Development Kit which is a virtual machine with all the kernel headers and development tools needed to recompile the XAPI toolstack, Xen hypervisor, Dom0 kernel, drivers, etc.

Base Xen-Kernel

Xen/Dom0 Kernel


DDK Source RPMs