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The XAPI Project follows a two-week sprint cycle, inside a quarterly train cycle (trains are like sprints-of-sprints). Each sprint may accomplish individual bug fixes and new features, while with each train we will attempt to introduce larger, more meaningful sets of features.

At the end of every sprint, we will bump the micro version number of the xen-api source repo, and will update the changelog with bug fixes and new features. Every quarter, at the end of each train, we will bump the minor version to indicate the large new feature sets which should by then be stable and create a binary release that is published here.

Sprints and trains themselves will be named after the calendar week on which they finish; sprints will begin on a Wednesday and end on a Tuesday.

XAPI Project Roadmap

XAPI packages in Linux distros

XAPI toolstack packages (or XCP-XAPI packages) enable you to build a XenServer-like environment from packages that are distributed via your host operating system's package manager. XCP-XAPI packages are only available from supported Linux distributions (currently Debian and Ubuntu). Using XCP-XAPI packages provides more flexibility in tailoring your environment to your needs, but comes at the cost of less functionality and a more complex set-up.

XCP-XAPI for Debian based distributions