Mirage OS 1.0

Prerequisites: Installing and Configuring OPAM

OPAM is the source-based OCaml Package Manager. It supports multiple simultaneous compiler installations, flexible package constraints, and a Git-friendly development workflow. All MirageOS libraries are released through OPAM so to get started with Mirage, please follow the OPAM install instructions first.

Installing Mirage OS 1.0

MirageOS v1.0 consists of a set of libraries available through OPAM. To get started with MirageOS, from the command line run 'opam install mirage'. After you've done this, have a look at the Mirage Introduction on openmirage.org, which has information on the background, getting started and what the libraries enable you to do. The Mirage website is itself a self-hosted unikernel running on top of Xen on Amazon EC2.