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The Xen Project allows vendors to advertise services and software that use Xen and/or build on top of Xen to advertise their services and/or software in the Xen Project Directory. For more information read the vendor notes.

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Xen Orchestra

Xen Orchestra is an open source Web GUI for XenServer, XAPI or XCP, which is released under AGPLv3. Main concepts:

Virtual machines starting at $7.50/month. HVM and most common PV domU images available. Consulting and custom development around Xen and Alpine also available.


We offer XEN VPS services with decent amount of RAM, HDD and CPU resources as we host very low amount VPS accounts per node our prices are very competitive as we offer price match on all our range of VPS services.


Xpernix Solutions have been working with Linux in mission critical applications as far back as 1999. We offer consulting services and hands on Xen cloud based design and implementations. We are the owners of http://www.xen-support Blog.


Servermanagment provides on-demand virtualization, Xen Server & Xen Desktop solutions for all types of companies; whether small or big. Our virtualization solutions are cost-effective, and efficient. We make virtualized servers, we manage virtualized envi ...