The ARM Hypervisor

The Xen Project's Hypervisor for the ARM architecture

ARM CPUs with Virtualization Extensions

With the introduction of virtualization extensions on ARM processors, the Xen Project has added support for newer ARM CPUs to the Xen Project Hypervisor (the first release with ARM support was Xen 4.3). This port is developed and maintained by the ARM Hypervisor team, and developed in the Xen mainline and the upstream Linux kernel. You can find information related to this work on the wiki.

Originally ARM support for newer CPUs was designed for Servers. However, recently we have seen interest for Xen Project on ARM used on Mobiles, Tablets, for Automotive applications, Middlebox Processing (Firewalls, NATs) and other Embedded applications.

For more information on working with ARM support in the Upstream Xen Hypervisor sub-project (of which Xen ARM support is a part) see the Hypervisor project page. Information specific to the ARM architecture can be found on the Xen Project on ARM Wiki and on this page.

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Demo Videos

Xen on ARM Cloud with OpenNebula

Samsung Demoing two Android VMs running on top of Xen on a Nexus 10 with PV GPU

Demo by GlobalLogic: Xen in OSS based In-Vehicle Infotainment Systems

ARM CPUs without Virtualization Extensions

The ARM Hypervisor team used to maintain an ARM variant of the Xen Project Hypervisor in a codeline that is separate from the upstream Hypervisor. This effort was led by Samsung (project lead: Sang-bum Suh) and is referred to as Xen ARM PV or ARM Hypervisor (PV). The Xen ARM PV port includes support for a range of ARM processors (ARM v5 - v7) that do not have virtualization extensions, using Paravirtualization (PV). The port also solved problems such as solving real-time guarantees in a virtualized environment and multi-processor support. Although there has been not active development for some time - because the focus has shifted to more modern ARM CPUs - the code is still available through the Xen ARM PV Wiki

The ARM Hypervisor (PV) is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL2).

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