LinuxCon EU: Xen Project : Lessons Learned!

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Edinburgh International Conference Centre, Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh EH3 8EE, UK

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LinuxCon EU: Xen Project : Lessons Learned!

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In April this year, Xen became a Linux Foundation Collaborative Project. 6 months later it is time to take stock. I will start with a brief introduction of the Xen Project, explain why Xen moved to the Linux Foundation, explore the impact on the community and provide an outlook for the future. I will use examples from the Xen Project community to explore the challenges and benefits of becoming a collaborative project, draw lessons and explore tools to help make your project more successful. I will cover a wide range of topics ranging from community management, collaboration infrastructure, marketing, and good governance to align the interests of a project’s stake-holders. By employing each of these techniques in a complementary fashion, we can ensure the long-term success of a project.

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