CloudOpen NA: Xen Project 4.4 Features and Futures

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Sheraton Center, Chicago, IL 60611, USA

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CloudOpen NA: Xen Project 4.4 Features and Futures

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The 4.4 release of Xen Project is no minor "point" release of software. This latest release from the original enterprise-ready Open Source hypervisor contains some important additions, most notably the arrival of the new experimental PVH mode. Dubbed Paravirtualized Hardware mode, PVH represents a new leap in paravirtualization: Paravirtualization within a hardware container, resulting in potentially higher performance for your cloud. Beyond PVH, Xen Project is also making inroads in other areas. Recent enhancements include additional support for the ARM architecture, improved FreeBSD support, additional libvirt support for the libxenlight toolstack, the release of MirageOS, and more. The presentation will conclude with an overview of current efforts under development as well as planned future enhancements.

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