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  • kungfupandaThe Xen ProjectTM Powers

    the largest clouds in production

    The Xen ProjectTM is the leading open source virtualization platform that is powering some of the largest clouds in production today. Amazon Web Services, Rackspace Public Cloud, Verizon Cloud and many hosting services use Xen Project software.

  • panda2The XEN ProjectTM

    is the foundation for many products and platforms

    The Xen Project is 11 years old, mature and its stability is second to none:

    the Xen Project serves as the basis for many commercial server virtualization, desktop and embedded products as well as hardware appliances.

    Examples of server products include Huawei UVP, Oracle VM and XenServer. Examples of client solutions, appliances and embedded products include QubesOS, XenClient, Netscaler and GlobalLogic’s Nautilus Platform. Xen Project is also delivered as part of most Linux distributions as well as NetBSD.

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Latest Xen Project Blog Posts

Mirage OS v2.0: The new features

The first release of Mirage OS back in December 2013 introduced the prototype of the unikernel concept, which realised the promise of a safe, flexible mechanism to build highly optimized software stacks purpose-built for deployment in the public cloud (see the overview of Mirage OS for some background). Since then, we’ve been hard at work [...]

XCP Wiki Pages Have Been Migrated to Wiki.XenServer.org

XCP is Dead; Long Live XenServer! Last year was a momentous year for all things related to the Xen Project.  2013 saw Xen Project become a Linux Foundation Collaborative Project.  It also saw the separate XenServer project become Open Source under the auspices of Citrix Systems.  And, as a result of that, the need for [...]

Mark Your Calendars! Great Xen Project Events Coming in August and September 2014

If you use — or are just interested in learning about — the Xen Project Hypervisor, you will want to mark your calendar now for two great events coming later this summer. September 15: Xen Project User Summit, New York City, NY The Xen Project User Summit is great for: Users who employ Xen Project [...]

Latest Planet Blog Posts

Two Real Node (Controller+Compute) RDO IceHouse Neutron OVS&VLAN Cluster on Fedora 20 Setup

Two boxes , each one having 2  NICs (p37p1,p4p1) for (Controller+NeutronServer) && Compute Nodes have been setup. Setup configuration - Controller node: Nova, Keystone, Cinder, Glance, Neutron (using Open vSwitch plugin && VLAN ) - Compute node: Nova (nova-compute), Neutron (openvswitch-agent) icehouse1.localdomain   -  Controller ( icehouse2.localdomain   -  Compute   ( Before running `packstack –answer-file=TwoRealNode-answer.txt` SELINUX set […]

Xen Orchestra documentation

If you want more information about Xen Orchestra, like how it works, how to use it, some recipes (like using XO with an Apache reverse proxy), check our “doc” folder on XO-web repository. So far, we documented the architecture, installation, administration, the layout of XO-web, VM usage and recipes. But more will come some. Enjoy!

Xen Orchestra 3.4

Hi everyone! Ready for a new release? Two great features: - A sign in page (no more public access, you should have at least a registered user). We’ve got “read” permission for people who want the same result than before. - An “end-to-end” event system (see below).   Hopefully the latest version before user permissions […]