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Latest Xen Project Blog Posts

Xen Project Contributor Training v2

Two weeks ago, I embarked onto a road trip to China with the aim to meet Xen Project users as well as contributors. I visited a number of vendors in Hangzhou and Beijing on this trip. Part of the objective was to give training to new contributors and developers, and to strengthen existing relationships. A […]

Xen Project 4.7 Planning Opens

With Xen 4.6 released in October, we are already one month into the new cycle. Which means it is time to start planning for the next release. You may remember that one of the goals of the 4.6 release planning was to create smoother developer experience and to release Xen 4.6 on time. Both goals […]

Xen Project 4.5.2 Maintenance Release Available

I am pleased to announce the release of Xen 4.5.2. Xen Project Maintenance releases are released roughly every 4 months, in line with our Maintenance Release Policy. We recommend that all users of the 4.5 stable series update to this point release. Xen 4.5.2 is available immediately from its git repository:     xenbits.xenproject.org/gitweb/?p=xen.git;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/stable-4.5     (tag RELEASE-4.5.2) or […]

Latest Planet Blog Posts

Videos from around the world!

Word about Unikernels and MirageOS is spreading and as the community grows, more people have been giving talks at user groups and conferences. Below are a selection of those that have been recorded, which alone is about 5 hours of content. The topics are wide ranging and include discussions about where unikernels fit in the ecosystem, all the way down to networking topics. I hope you enjoy these and if you'd like to give a talk somewhere or share one of your videos, please do get in touch! Videos of recent talks Anil Madhavapeddy at Esper Technologies - May 2015'Unikernels: Functional...

RDO Liberty Set up for three Nodes (Controller+Network+Compute) ML2&OVS&VXLAN on CentOS 7.1

As advertised officially In addition to the comprehensive OpenStack services, libraries and clients, this release also provides Packstack, a simple installer for proof-of-concept installations, as small as a single all-in-one box and RDO Manager an OpenStack deployment and management tool for production environments based on the OpenStack TripleO project In posting bellow I intend to […]