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  • kungfupandaThe Xen ProjectTM Powers

    the largest clouds in production

    The Xen ProjectTM is the leading open source virtualization platform that is powering some of the largest clouds in production today. Amazon Web Services, Rackspace Public Cloud, Verizon Cloud and many hosting services use Xen Project software.

  • panda2The XEN ProjectTM

    is the foundation for many products and platforms

    The Xen Project is 11 years old, mature and its stability is second to none:

    the Xen Project serves as the basis for many commercial server virtualization, desktop and embedded products as well as hardware appliances.

    Examples of server products include Huawei UVP, Oracle VM and XenServer. Examples of client solutions, appliances and embedded products include QubesOS, XenClient, Netscaler and GlobalLogic’s Nautilus Platform. Xen Project is also delivered as part of most Linux distributions as well as NetBSD.

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Xen Project @ FOSDEM

Going to FOSDEM’15? Well, you want to check out the schedule of the Virtualization & IaaS devroom then, and make sure you do not miss the talks about Xen. Here they are the talks, in some more details: OpenStack and Xen: Deploy your OpenStack cloud on the Xen hypervisor FreeBSD/Xen status update: Current status and […]

CES 2015: Smart Cars are the New Smart Phone

This is a reprint of the following Linux.com article by Alex Agizim, VP, CTO Embedded Systems at GlobalLogic “Smart car” technology had a huge presence at CES 2015, from BMW’s 360-degree collision avoidance and parking assist features to Audi’s Human Machine Interface (HMI) that connects to an iPhone or Android device. And with both Apple […]

Future of Xen Project: Video Spotlight Interview with Intel’s Donald Dugger

Intel’s Virtualization Architect Donald Dugger started working on Xen Project software eight years ago. We recently interviewed Don to find out why Intel continues to support, contribute and invest in the Xen Project. One of the first companies to contribute to hardware-assisted virtualization, today Intel remains equally focused on actively promoting open source virtualization. The company […]

Latest Planet Blog Posts

XenServer 6.5 is out!

Needless to say: this new version of XenServer was eagerly awaited! There is a lot of new interesting stuff, and we'll explore this in multiple articles. Let's start with an overview. The official announcement is here and you can download it on this link! What's new Performances See four yourself: For sure, we'll do benchmarks on our side :) Specs 64 bit dom0 Linux 3.10 kernel Xen 4.4 Open virtual switch 2.1.3 Boot storm handling improvements by using read caching Read caching for file based SRs TRIM and UNMAP for better storage reclaim 32 bit to 64 bit VM migration Storage migration from XenServer 6.2 and prior SLES 11 SP3 support Ubuntu 14.04 LTS support Network, Storage and...

XO Action-reaction

Or the importance of community feedback. This is a small story about why we love to do Open Source software and to have a community. Obvious facts We believe it's impossible to imagine every features people want from a product, a this is also true for Xen Orchestra. Despite I was the first "client" of the project (hey, remember I started this in 2009 to find on which hosts are my VMs), remember that: you can't beat hundreds of brains working together. That's the power of Open Source ! Examples Here is two examples, very easy to implement, but important for some of our users. Free...